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The Town of Westford is seeking a qualified general contractor to install a precast 7' x 4' x 75' box culvert to replace an aging and undersized 48" culvert on Huntley Road.  All work shall be done in accordance with the RFP (click here to view), the installation plan to be prepared by the Contractor, and the associated State stream alteration permit (click here to view) and US Army Corps of Engineers general permit (click here to view).  Work must begin no sooner than July 15, 2014 and be completed no later than August 20, 2014.


Sealed bids will be received by the Westford Town Clerk at the Westford Town Office, 1713 VT Route 128, Westford, VT 05494 until 2pm on May 6, 2014, at which time the bidders and bid amounts shall be read aloud.  For more information, please contact Nanette Rogers at (802)878-4587 or townclerk@westfordvt.us.




Property tax bills are mailed a minimum of 30 days prior to the first installment due date.  Annual taxes are divided into four equal payments and are due August 15, November 15, March 15 and May 15.  Late payments are charged interest of 1% per month for the first 3 months and 1 1/2% per month thereafter.  An 8% penalty is assessed on any taxes not paid by May 15.  Postmarks (US, FedEX and UPS) are accepted as timely payments.


To make your payment online by credit card, go to https://trx.npspos.com/payapp/public/ECSale.html?siteId=18336&deptId=18336&urlKey=4b320249c1808be5909fd16427d5d588acffaaf4. 


You will need to enter your Parcel ID (found in the upper left corner on your tax bill) and know the amount due when making your payment. 


Please note:  A convenience fee of $3.00 for transactions totaling up to $122.00, or 2.45% of the transaction exceeding $122.00, will apply.




Dog Licenses are due by April 1st.  A current rabies certificate is required.  If you are unsure if the current certificate is on file, please call the Town Office.  For your convenience, you may mail or drop off the fee and rabies certificate along with a S.A.S.E. and your license will be mailed to you.  The fee through April 1st is $10.00 for spayed or neutered dogs and $12.00 for dogs that are not spayed or neutered.  Dog licenses obtained after April 1st are subject to a late fee.  We encourage all dog owners to register their dogs before April 1st.




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The Westford Planning Commission along with consultant, Brandy Saxton of Place Sense, recently began work on the Town Center Revitalization Project.  This project involves gathering public input in order to develop regulations that will incorporate the principles of  form based code, smart growth and smart parking into the Town Center Area.  These concepts are being explored in hopes of giving the Town a tool to guide future nonresidential development in a way that maintains its historic layout and design.


For more information on the Westford Town Ceneter Revitalization Project and/or visual preference survey results go to: www.placesense.com/westford.


Learn more about Form Based Codes by visiting: http://www.formbasedcodes.org/what-are-form-based-codes-0


The Westford Planning Commission meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm in the downstairs floor of the Town Office.


Public participation is encouraged and appreciated!


The above project is supported/funded by a Municipal Planning Grant awarded by the Department of Economic, Housing & Community Development.




Please contact the town office (878-4587 or townclerk@westfordvt.us) if you are interested in serving the community in one of these positions:

·         Town Agent

·         Town Grand Juror

·         Planning Commission - The Planning Commission is a five member board whose duties include writing the town plan, writing the zoning and subdivision regulations and conducting other studies as necessary.  The Planning Commission meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month with a special meeting date of the 1st  Wednesday of the month, if necessary due to workload.

·         Conservation Commission




In 2011 the Selectboard contracted with Cota, CPA to review the town's financial controls and conduct a sampling of the Town's financial accounts.  Based on meetings with town officials and town office employees, Cota, CPA has issued an "Independent Accountant's Report on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures - Internal Control Project" report.  The report has been posted to the Town's website.  Click here to view the report.  Future reports from Cota, CPA will be added to the website as they become available. 


Cota, CPA performed a sampling of the Towns financial activity for July 1, 2008  through June 30, 2009.  Click here to view their report.


For more information please contact the Selectboard (selectboard@westfordvt.us) or attend one of their meetings.




On September 27, 2010, the Town of Westford was granted Village Center Designation by the Vermont Downtown Board.  The purpose of this designation is to help encourage and preserve the structures and character of historic Vermont town centers.  The designation area in Westford encompasses the structures surrounding the Town Common area.  To view a map of the Designated Village Center click here. 


Go to http://www.historicvermont.org/programs/2006%20downtown%20owner%20lessor%20benifits%20.pdf to view a summary of how individuals who own property in the designation area can directly benefit from this program.  *Please note tax credits apply to structures constructed prior to 1983 that are commercial or multi-family rental properties.




For the last two years, the Westford Energy Committee has been working to raise awareness of important energy issues that affect our town. Now, the Committee is recommending that Westford join a state-wide initiative that can directly benefit individual home owners. To learn more about this residential energy improvement loan program, visit the Westford Energy Committee ( click here.).




Click the attachment below to view Westford parcel data using Google Earth!  This program will allow you to view property boundaries overlaid onto Google Earth images.  Click a parcel on the map and view the property's identification number and approximate acreage.  Please note you must download Google Earth to your computer to view the file.


Click this link to the parcel file and select Google Earth as the program to open it with.


If you have questions please contact Melissa Manka, Westford Planning Coordinator, at the Town Office (878-4587) or by email (planner@westfordvt.us )


1) The digital parcel data was last updated in the Spring of  2008.  Any subdivisions and parcel mapping corrections that happened since the last update will  not be reflected.
2) This data was developed for listing, assessment, and planning purposes.  It shows generalized parcel lines and is NOT suitable for conveyance or property boundary descriptions.  This data should NOT be used as a substitute for more accurate and precise survey information.
3) Please note acreages are not provided for all parcels.  You may contact the Town Office for approximate acreages bas

 You may contact the Town Office for approximate acreages based on the Grand List.

Coming events:

Your Title goes here Event: Voter Registration Deadline
Date: Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
Event: Selectboard Meeting
Date: Thursday, April 24th, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM
Event: School Budget Public Hearing
Date: Monday, April 28th, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM
Details: Location: Westford School in the gym.
Event: Newsletter Deadline
Date: Monday, April 28th, 2014

See the full calendar for additional events.